WA to release roadmap out of border restrictions on Friday

WA Premier Mark McGowan will release a roadmap on Friday outlining how the state will prepare to live with Covid ahead of the border reopening.

“We will release our transition plan on Friday, which will detail a lot of those matters,” McGowan said.

“It has been carefully worked through, carefully calibrated for the West Australian context.

“We haven’t rushed it because we have had the luxury of time that other states have not.”

As part of the state’s preparedness, the government will spend an additional $400 million on 270 new beds across the health system.

Opposition health spokeswoman Libby Mettam said the government has dragged its feet on the issue.

“The WA Labor government has had 21 months to prepare the health system and make sure it was battle-ready for when the COVID storm hits, as the Health Minister said it would be last March,” Mettam said.

“Instead they’ve been dragging their feet, relying on a closed border and telling West Australians they are going to ‘crush and kill the virus’ instead of implementing on-the-ground measures to make sure we are ready when, not if, this virus arrives.”