WA greenlights music festivals and other events over 500

The events sector in Western Australia has been given another boost with music festivals and events of more than 500 people that require local government authority approval allowed to go ahead.

From September 25, a public or private event involving more than 500 patrons that requires local government authority approval will need an approved COVID Event Plan and be subject to the 2sqm social distancing rule. Organisers may also need to designate employees as COVID Safety Marshals and are also required to register their event with the Department of Health.

A COVID Event Plan will not be required for events that form part of the usual business of places for which there is an existing public building approval.

“Thanks to our success, we can see more and more events in WA as the weather warms up, but we can’t get complacent,” said WA Premier Mark McGowan.

“We need to ensure we support businesses and jobs, while also mitigating any potential risk of COVID-19 transmission. Doing so will enable us to continue to open up the economy more and proceed with many events we love to enjoy.

“Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been world-leading, and puts us in prime position to enjoy a vibrant Western Australian summer, which regularly sees events like community fetes, festivals and fairs pop up.

“Western Australians should feel confident going out in the community and attending these events knowing their safety is a top priority.”

Western Australian Local Government and Culture and the Arts Minister, David Templeman said it “is great news for the culture and arts sector”.

“I welcome the removal of the blanket ban on music festivals and it being replaced with these new risk management-based processes, which will make things clearer and easier for people planning large events going forward,” Templeman said.