Victoria’s inquiry into events delivers final report

The Parliamentary inquiry into Victoria’s Event Industry has released its findings in a final report tabled in parliament, with a series of recommendations to help the industry on its pathway to recovery.

While the findings are mostly self-evident to those within the industry, such as the economic damage done to many business, the ongoing inability to plan caused by continued lockdowns and border closures and the skills shortage exacerbated by many leaving the industry, the report did deliver some recommendations that would be hugely beneficial if adopted by the Victorian Government.

Among the key recommendations were a return of JobKeeper style support to help business stay afloat and retain skilled staff; establish a shared risk underwriting scheme to allow organisers to insure against Covid cancellations; and establish an events industry taskforce to review and revise its consultation processes with the events sector in Victoria.

“The Victorian Government, as a matter of urgency, [should] consider the issue of the events sector’s inability to insure against the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the report stated.

“This should be done in consultation with the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority working in cooperation with the Insurance Council of Australia and representatives from the events sector.”

One other key finding was the need for a single industry body to simplify consultation with the Victorian Government.

“While this Inquiry was focused on the event industry in Victoria, the issues and challenges we face are the same as those faced by the rest of the event industry around Australia,” said Simon Thewlis, from Save Victorian Events, the lobby group instrumental in getting the inquiry off the ground.

“So, hopefully other groups and states will be able to build on this.

“We also hope the Inquiry’s report will finally enable the Victorian government to understand the people and businesses that are Victoria’s event industry.

“And, to finally act and to provide the real practical and financial support our industry needs to survive and to be able to rebuild.”

Download the report here.