Victoria to remain in lockdown while case numbers remain high

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has quashed hopes of an end to lockdown this Thursday saying there were too many cases to open up.

There were another 92 cases recorded overnight, which is significantly higher than the eight cases that triggered the lockdown.

“Obviously with almost 100 cases today, where many of them remain mysteries, many of them were out in the community during their infectious period, it is not going to be possible for us to open up our Victorian community in just a couple of days’ time,” Andrews said.

Andrews said he was still waiting on advice from the Chief Health Officer.

“I am being clear with people that these numbers are too high and there is no chance of me getting advice from the Chief Health Officer in the next couple of days to make big sweeping changes to these rules,” he said.

“If there are some things we can do that are safe, then, of course, we will, if we get that advice.

“If not, we will have to find it in ourselves to push on and continue to throw everything we have got at trying to drive these numbers down.”

Andrews said he was still committed to the national plan out of restrictions, saying it was “about all of us moving together”.

“How do you balance opening up, giving people freedom that will promote infection and if you have too few people vaccinated at that point…then you will finish up with many, many people very ill,” he said.