Vaccine passports to launch in October for Aussies returning from overseas

The federal government will start issuing international COVID-19 vaccination certificates from October as it prepares to rollout home quarantine for Australians returning from overseas.

“Home quarantine is where we go next. And the length of that quarantine also was what we’re looking at,” said Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The government is also communicating with other countries to work out which vaccines will be recognised in international travel bubble arrangements.

How the vaccine passport will operate is still being worked through, with suggestions it could be linked to passport chips or come in the form of a QR code.

“Home quarantine needs to be at scale and needs to be tested and ready, and that’s what’s happening now, and that’s what I’ll continue to push to open the country up because that’s what enables the national plan,” Morrison told Sky News.

“I’ll be following up last Friday’s [national cabinet] meeting with the premiers, writing them looking to get some timetables about their introduction of home quarantine, but also following up this issue of the integration of our technology that can enable fully vaccinated theatres, fully vaccinated events.”