‘Unpacked’ in-person events reveal secret of air points travel

The Points Whisperer, Steve Hui, headlined the Unpacked events.

Corporate Traveller has launched its new ‘Unpacked’ Business Travel Event Series, with hundreds attending in-person across multiple states to hear from The Points Whisperer, Steve Hui.

The ‘Unpacked’ in-person events provided free deep-dive sessions for those responsible for booking travel within their organisations over a breakfast session, followed by a luncheon event for managers responsible for travel program performance.

The events were held in partnership with TFE Hotels across Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

“The inaugural in-person segment of our ‘Unpacked’ series was a huge success with more than 250 people attending across six events in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane,” said Jaclyn Reynolds, Corporate Traveller general manager, operations and customer success.

“Our presenters certainly stole the show with both Steve and our amazing customers sharing business travel related insights, tips, and tricks to take back to their organisations

“Looking into the future, both our ‘Unpacked’ webinars and the subsequent in-person events will provide timely information to boost business travel savings, showcase all the latest trends, enhance traveller safety, and will provide understanding on sustainability – essentially a one-stop hub for on demand content and live events.”

Hui said using points was the cheapest way to fly.

“It was delightful to see a lot of heads nodding when they saw my slide on how cheap it was to fly with points,” he said.

“I think the best slide was when I showed them how points could save them more than $30,000 per year.

“I knew it hit the spot because after my presentation, many people came up to me and said they ‘got it now’ and I think everyone was amazed at how easy it was for their company to pay invoices and earn millions of points every year.”