U2 open new US$2.2bn Sphere at Las Vegas


A new US$2.2 billion ($3.4 billion) venue called the Sphere has opened in Las Vegas with a concert from Irish rockers U2.

Part of Venetian Resorts, the futuristic venue has an eye-popping immersive screen made up of 1.2 million LED lights across its 111 metre-high structure on both the interior and exterior.

The Sphere can seat around 18,000 people and will be used for film screenings, concerts and sports events.

Judging from the reaction from fans the venue is set to become a mecca for live events.

“Whatever happens going forward, it’s hard to imagine a better proof of concept for Sphere than this U2 show,” said Rolling Stone’s Andy Greene.

“It’s almost painful to imagine going back to a dumpy sports arena for a show after experiencing something like this.”