Tweet that brought down Fyre Festival could sell for $100k

The Tweet of a rather bland looking sandwich could sell for US$100,000 as it was the fuse that eventually blew up the infamous Fyre Festival of 2017.

Fyre Festival punter Trevor DeHaas Tweeted the photo of what he described “literally bread, cheese and salad with dressing” to highlight the yawning gap between what the festival promised versus what it actually delivered.

The Tweet is being listed by New York-based Flipkick, which describes it as “the most iconic image from 2017’s most famous debacle”.

If you are wondering how you sell a Tweet, it’s a new market devised to relieve cash from those with more money than sense.

The Tweet is being sold as a non-fungible token (NFT), with the owner of an NFT holding the copyright with a record held on a blockchain.

Fraudster Fyre Festival organiser and convicted fraudster Billy McFarland is probably kicking himself he didn’t come up with the idea.

DeHaas says is selling his tweet to pay for medical expenses.

“With how hot the NFT market is right now I figured I’d give it a shot and could hopefully raise enough money that I wouldn’t need to rely on a GoFundMe to pay for my medical expenses,” he told The Verge.

“The last thing I want is to guilt trip someone into buying the NFT and copyright to pay for my medical expenses but I would like the auction winner to know that their money would be going to a good cause.”