Travel bubble talks between Queensland, NT, WA and SA

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is pushing for a travel bubble between some states and territories.

Palaszczuk is looking to open up travel between Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory to kick start the state’s languishing tourism sector.

However, Palaszczuk has poured cold water on borders reopening with New South Wales and Victoria in the near future, saying they wouldn’t look at it until September.

But NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has urged Queensland and WA to open their borders to her state, saying “the sooner the better”.

“We appreciate that the key to our economic success will be to improve our supply chains and our manufacturing base amongst Australia so you do need to get those borders open as soon as possible in my view,” she told Sky News.

“I think what’s important is, even though we have tourism as one of our best industries in Australia, especially in NSW, the terms of trade are against us, we actually have more people go overseas than come in, in terms of the tourism dollar.

“But imagine if we actually had more of our 25 million population visiting places around Australia, I mean that is enormous potential, and the sooner we can do that the better in a safe way.

“So the sooner the borders come down the better.”