Trade shows and exhibitions to reopen in Germany ahead of other mass gatherings

Germany is easing restrictions around trade shows and exhibitions ahead of other mass gatherings.

German states have been given the authority to allow trade shows and exhibitions to reopen under a number of strict requirements including limiting the number of participants and approved health and safety measures.

“We are advocating that not all types of events are equal, and it is encouraging to see that this message has reached the government of one of the world’s most important exhibition markets,” said UFI president Mary Larkin.

“Every exhibition is an organised event – as an industry, we know how to create conditions where attendees can go about their business while taking the necessary precautions in the age of COVID19.”

Jörn Holtmeier, managing director of AUMA, Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, said it was “an important step towards rebooting the trade fair industry”.

“As exhibitions are platforms for innovation and cooperation, they will stimulate the recovery of the German economy in the short and medium term,” he said.

“The German exhibition organisers and AUMA, too, are prepared to provide the relevant authorities with expertise and experience concerning the implementation of exhibitions. The step-by-step reopening of hotels and restaurants, planned by the federal states, is an important signal for exhibitions.

“The reopening of borders and the resumption of transnational business traffic, too, are crucial for the success of exhibitions in the second half of the year.”