Tourism Council WA urges travellers to retain Kimberley bookings

Tourism Council WA

Tourism Council WA is calling for travellers to hold on to their bookings for the Kimberley region after reports of tourism operators receiving unnecessary cancellations due to extensive media coverage of the floods in the region.

“Broome and Kununurra are both open for business and will be providing fantastic travel experiences for visitors throughout the upcoming peak season,” Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said.

“Air travel to Broome and Kununurra will remain unimpacted by the floods, allowing visitors to fly in and enjoy these great destinations.

“Long-distance tours may be affected by road access, and we encourage anyone with a multi-day tour booking to contact their tour operator to receive accurate information on road accessibility before unnecessarily cancelling.

“As recovery efforts in the Kimberley begin, it is important the local communities receive support. The floods have left the Kimberley under economic strain, and cancelling travel to the area only hinders recovery efforts.”

Hall said tourism businesses often take a double-hit from natural disasters, first from the immediate damage and impact of the floods, and then a second hit from unnecessary cancellations.

“The Kimberley is a seasonal destination, with the season starting in the Easter school holidays and peaking in June and July,” he said.

“This will be the fourth season in a row that tourism operators have faced disruptions due to Covid-19 and now unnecessary booking cancellations.”