Tourism Australia unveils its new ‘ambassador’

Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia has unveiled its latest brand ambassador, a CGI kangaroo voiced by actor Rose Byrne.

‘Ruby the Roo’ was unveiled by Tourism Minister Don Farrell on a billboard in central Tokyo, in the latest repositioning of Australia’s image overseas.

The ‘Ruby’ campaign will also appear on billboards in Singapore, London and New York.

“From today Ruby will hop onto billboards in Singapore, London and New York building anticipation ahead of the launch of the new campaign, which will invite international travellers to Come and Say G’day,” Farrell said.

Tourism Australia’s latest campaign kicks off next week as part of its evolving “There’s Nothing Like Australia” platform.

Various faces have fronted Australia’s brand overseas most notably Chris Hemsworth, Paul Hogan and Lara Worthington.

Japan was Australia’s fifth largest market for tourists prior to the pandemic, and with the country now opening up its borders more fully, Australia is hoping to reignite that demand to visit once again.

Tourism Australia managing director Phillipa Harrison said the new campaign will keep Australia “high on people’s consideration list”.

“Visitor economies around the world are looking to rebuild as we emerge from the pandemic and that will make the tourism landscape more competitive than ever before, which is why we have made sure ‘Come and Say G’day’ will cut through and make Australia stand out today and in the long term,” Harrison said.