Tourism 2030 MEA Industry Leaders Breakfast to update the events industry

Austrade chief economist Heather Cotching.

Meetings & Events Australia (MEA) has invited Austrade’s Lynne Ashpole and Heather Cotching to update the events industry on the progress of the Tourism 2030 strategy and how business events will be a major factor in the future growth of the visitor economy in Australia.

Ashpole is Assistant General Manager, Policy and Coordination Branch and Heather Cotching is chief economist at Austrade.

The Federal Government established a Steering Committee to shape Australia’s next long-term tourism strategy beyond 2020 that is scheduled to commence in January 2021.

The Steering Committee comprised nine senior industry leaders from across the tourism and hospitality sectors including business events and called for submissions from across the sector for input into the long-term strategy. The Business Events Council of Australia contributed to this initial consultation.

Building on the work of the Steering Committee, further consultation and opportunities for direct input by state and territory governments and the broader tourism industry are being sought to build shared ownership of the strategy. This will also ensure that the national strategy aligns with individual state and territory strategies.

The Tourism 2030 MEA Industry Leaders Breakfast will be held on Thursday, 28 November at the ICC Sydney.