Tour Down Under to be targeted by Extinction Rebellion protesters

tour down under

The South Australian international cycling event Tour Down Under is set to be targeted by Extinction Rebellion protesters when it kicks off on Friday.

The climate change protestors are planning to stage a number of demonstrations at race starting points in tandem with protests scheduled in Melbourne.

The reason for the protests stems from the company sponsoring the international cycling event, Australian fossil fuel giant Santos.

The protest group stated on its Facebook page that the protests will be non-violent.

“Together we must not allow our government to enable a fossil fuel company to buy social license for climate destruction and greenwash this well-loved SA event,” the group said in a post.

“This wave of action runs throughout the Tour Down Under from January 13th – 22nd with a range of creative and fun protest actions for everyone to get involved with.

“Be aware that some members of the public may be agitated or hostile at our presence.

“You do not need to engage or respond. Please take the safe option of acting collaboratively with and consulting other team members.”