Tim Hancock steps up as ASN Events co-founder Simon Monk retires

Tim Hancock steps into new role at ASN.

ASN Events has announced the retirement of founding director Simon Monk, with current CEO Tim Hancock appointed as a new director and shareholder.

Hancock said the opportunity to join a 30-year-old business with an enviable reputation and long-term client relationships already in place was the catalyst in his decision.

“As CEO, I have had the opportunity to spend 20 months in the business already and I’m excited by the opportunity in front of me to complement and develop the wonderful team and focus on excellence we have at ASN Events,” he said.

From fledgling start-up to recognised leader, Monk and executive director Mike Pickford consolidated their strong partnership to develop ASN Events over 30 years.

Executive director Mike Pickford is looking forward to the new direction at ASN.

Pickford said he has fond memories of starting the business with Monk three decades ago.

“I can still fondly remember Simon and I starting in the garage with a phone and fax machine, enthusiasm and vision,” he said.

“The consequent excitement of 30 years growth as we established ourselves in the conference management landscape continued to surprise us. The chance to reset with an energetic, and dare I say it, younger business partner gets me just as excited again and I look forward to exploring some new opportunities and continuing to contribute to this dynamic industry that provides so many with so much.”