The Whitsundays sees record number of visitors

The Whitsundays

Tourism in The Whitsundays welcomed a record 923,000 domestic visitors this year, who spent $1.5 billion, an increase of 179 per cent on 2019.

The latest National Visitor Survey (NVS) data showed visitors to The Whitsundays stayed a total of 4.9 million nights in the year to 30 September 2022, an increase of 73 per cent based on 2019 figures.

“Select domestic markets have always known about the attraction of The Whitsundays, but the growth we are seeing in domestic visitation shows that more of Australia is now familiar and confident about this unique holiday experience,” said Tourism Whitsundays CEO Rick Hamilton.

“These results once again underline the significant contribution tourism makes here. As a region we rely on tourism for one in three jobs. We have world-class operators, accommodation options and businesses all working   to deliver outstanding holidays to vacationers in The Whitsundays, whatever their budget.”

While there has been a record increase in interstate travellers, 274,000 up 18.9 per cent on 2019, it is Queenslanders who are making up 69 per cent of visitors.

Tourism Whitsundays Chair Julie Telford said visitors to The Whitsundays were also staying longer.

“Visitors are staying an average of 5.2 nights this year, increasing almost a day compared to results from March 2022 because there’s so much to do and enjoy in The Whitsundays that every minute of that time can be booked onto a different experience,” she said.