The Taylor Swift effect on air travel and hotel rates

Taylor Swift has been filling stadiums for over a decade. (Photo: The 1989 World Tour at Adelaide Entertainment Centre in 2015).

The phenomena that is Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is impacting both air travel and accommodation for the short time the singer is in Australia.

Corporate travellers are looking outside the traditional business hubs of Sydney and Melbourne to continue their essential travel coinciding with Taylor Swift’s Sydney concerts.

Data from Corporate Traveller reveals flights into Newcastle, Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour are up astronomically over the five days (22-27 February) Swift is in Sydney, compared to the same dates in the year previous.

Port Macquarie has 250 per cent more bookings, compared to the previous year, Newcastle has 33 per cent more bookings and Coffs Harbour has 29 per cent more bookings.

Corporate Traveller data also shows flights into Geelong (Avalon Airport) are up 140 per cent over the five days (15-19 February) of the Melbourne concerts.

Travellers into the regional hubs were primarily flying in from Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, along with Canberra, Cairns, Townsville and Mackay.

“We know all too well that major events to drive up demand and travel prices, but the reports we’re getting from our airline and hotel partners have indicated that these are among the busiest weeks of the year,” Corporate Traveller global managing director Tom Walley said.

“We’ve seen flight bookings into Sydney and Melbourne among our corporate travellers trending slightly down in those days surrounding the Eras Tour.

“It’s not surprising to see our customers looking to shake it off, and where they can, book travel into alternative airports or on alternative dates.

“There’s no bad blood between corporate travellers and Miss Swift, but we’ll be glad to be out of the woods by the end of February.”

The cost of accommodation has also been dramatically inflated while Swift is in town, with her fans pushing up the cost of a room by as much as five times.

Sydney and Melbourne are set to reach record high hotel rates following the latest release of tickets.

Sydney hotel room prices have rocketed 300 per cent compared to the average room rate last February of $287 per night, according to Ray White head of commercial research Vanessa Rader.

Melbourne hotel rates in the CBD have also shot up to more than $900 per night compared with an average of $220 last February.

“The hotel sector has been given a much appreciated uplift after the pandemic restrictions saw many shut their doors,” Rader told Commercial News.