The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts partners with World Wildlife Fund

The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts is looking to boost it green credentials further with a new agreement with the World Wildlife Fund.

The hotel group, which includes The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore and the soon-to-open The Fullerton Hotel Sydney, is committing to a raft of sustainable strategies by signing a Plastic ACTion commitment (PACT) agreement with the World Wildlife Fund to reduce a significant amount of single-use plastic by 2020.

The agreement will seeotel group completely rid the use of plastic bottles hotel-wide by 2020 – including hotel rooms and meeting rooms; replace all single-use plastic items and replace with bio-degradable alternatives hotel-wide by 2020; introduce 70 per cent more recycling bins, and provide guests with eco-bins in their rooms; and utilise centralised procurement to ensure all plastic item alternatives are validated and have supporting documentation.

Cavaliere Giovanni Viterale, general manager at The Fullerton Heritage, said sustainability was integral to its business.

“Beyond delivering excellent service and customer satisfaction, we strive to be good stewards of the environment in the way we operate and serve,” said Viterale. “The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint and increasing sustainability initiatives across our hotel property portfolio by 2020. Through our efforts, we hope to send an important message about sustainability and join the global effort in creating a greener future.”

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore have already implemented a number of sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives.

Both hotels have replaced all plastic takeaway packaging and cutlery with sustainable corn-starch alternatives. Plastic straws are banned in all restaurants and bars and eco-friendly alternatives are made available upon guests’ requests. Plastic water bottles have been replaced with refillable water pitchers in meeting rooms.

Additionally, pulp paper napkins were replaced with napkins made from eco bamboo fibre, and single-use plastic bags have been replaced with re-usable non-woven bags.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore has also extended its journey towards sustainable living into the kitchen with the introduction of an innovative plant-based vegan menu at its signature Cantonese restaurant, Jade. The new Taste the Future menu features Omnipork; a plant-based pork that is prepared from a blend of pea protein, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushroom and rice.