The end of Rockpool name as dining group splits in two

The Rockpool Dining Group has been split into two after a merger more than four years ago between Neil Perry’s Rockpool Group and Urban Purveyor Group.

The group has now been divided into two stand-alone businesses dropping its Rockpool brand in the process.

Fine dining brands Rosetta, Spice Temple and Saké, and the Rockpool Bar & Grill restaurants have been grouped under the Hunter St Hospitality group.

Casual venues including Italian restaurant chain Fratelli Fresh, Mexican eateries El Camino Cantina, Bar Patrón, The Bavarian, Munich Brauhaus, WingHAÜS, Beerhaüs and The Argyle now fall under the Pacific Concepts portfolio.

Perry remains a stakeholder in both Hunter St Hospitality and Pacific Concepts.

“We are thrilled to be in a sound position to finally move the group forward as two separate entities, each with its own exciting journey ahead,” said Thomas Pash, CEO of Hunter St Hospitality and Pacific Concepts.

“I am excited to see Hunter St. Hospitality and Pacific Concepts become highly respected and successful companies in today’s diverse and highly competitive hospitality landscape.”