The Australian Festival Industry Conference cancels in 2020 but vows to return

The Australian Festival Industry Conference (AFIC) has been postponed until further notice, due to the severe impacts of Covid-19 on the industry.

The conference was originally scheduled for 22-24 September at Pacific Bay Resort in Coffs Harbour.

“Unfortunately it’s too difficult to promise that we could successfully deliver AFIC as per its originally scheduled date,” said AFIC founder and event director Carlina Ericson.

“It’s also too difficult at this stage to nominate a new date for a number of reasons. We are still awaiting clarity on mass gathering restrictions relating to business events. Additionally, Covid-19 and the associated mass gatherings restrictions introduced in early March has caused absolute devastation to the festival industry.

“We are therefore incredibly conscious that the industry is experiencing an enormous amount distress and change, and we want to be empathetic to that.

“Some may not be in a financial position to attend this year due to the cancellation of their 2020 event. Others may still be facing uncertainty about whether they can still run their event this year, and other festivals may disappear out of the market altogether.”

But Ericson is confident the festival will return.

“One thing is for certain: there won’t be a shortage of topics to discuss when we do return,” she said.

“I think the key positive that can be taken out of the Covid-19 crisis is that everyone understands the need to work as a collective to safeguard the industry and this all starts with coming together to have a conversation.”