Tap into Simon Sinek’s insights into the future of leadership

The Growth Faculty is presenting New York Times best-selling author and TED Talk sensation Simon Sinek in an exclusive two-part live virtual event this November.

Presenting via The Growth Faculty’s state-of-the-art virtual venue, Simon will share research from his recently released new book The Infinite Game on topics including leadership, strategy, culture and sustainable growth in a disrupted world.

Holistically designed for leaders and innovators for the current business landscape, the two-part event is designed to close the gap between theory and implementation and equip you to tackle disruption and lead with greater impact.

Part One Tuesday 17 November: The Infinite Game – Simon will share his essential playbook for developing infinite-minded leaders. Be equipped with the framework and tools most helpful in the current business climate. Gain critical insights to inspire and transform your company.

Part Two Tuesday 24 November: Leading in Uncertainty – Simon leads an interactive discussion on leadership, empathy, culture and sustainable growth in an ever-changing world.

This exclusive two-part event will provide you with refreshingly new insights into the future of leadership.

CIM viewers can access a $200 discount on their ticket here.