Tali Wiru set to return for its seventh season

Ayers Rock Resort’s exclusive under the stars dining experience Tali Wiru is returning for its 2020 season with a menu celebrating the diversity of Australian native ingredients.

Operating nightly between 25 March and 15 October, the award-winning gastronomic experience for up to 20 guests is an intimate evening of fine dining on a remote sand dune overlooking Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

“Now in its seventh season, Tali Wiru continues to delight guests with an incredible and uniquely Australian experience on the top of a sand dune with a menu that fuses native ingredients with innovative flavour combinations and preparation techniques,” said Voyages CEO Grant Hunt.

This season’s menu features native ingredients sourced from across Australia, including Green Ants wild-harvested in the Northern Territory’s Top End, Quandongs from Alice Springs, Desert Lime and Saltbush from South Australia and Camel Milk from Victoria.

Other ingredients featured include Desert Oak pods, similar to those found in the dunes around Tali Wiru, Sea Grapes, Pickled Muntries, Boab, Bunya Nuts and Kurrajong Seeds which are used in traditional Indigenous baking.