Sydney’s shortage of theatres prompts possible new Barangaroo performance space

A new theatre at Barangaroo is being considered by the NSW Government in an effort to create more capacity in Sydney.

Currently only the Lyric Theatre and The Capitol can house large-scale Broadway musicals, while the Theatre Royal has been empty for three years and The Coliseum at Rooty Hill will only open in December, with Arts Minister Don Harwin committed to building more.

“I’ve been concerned that under the previous government and the arrangements they put in place for Barangaroo, and also some of the work done earlier in our term, that there hasn’t been enough provision put in place for performance space in that Barangaroo area,” he told the ABC.

“But the good news is there’s still a capacity to look at something there and I’ve made a firm decision that I will ask my officials to look at the capacity for a new performance space in the Barangaroo area.”

The government is also crunching the numbers on a 1500-seat lyric theatre at Ultimo on the site of the Powerhouse Museum.