Sydney’s newest hotel offers glimpse into post pandemic focus on hygiene

Aiden Darling Harbour is set to open on December 1 marking the inaugural Aiden by Best Western hotel in Australasia under BWH Hotel Group.

Set in a remodelled 1930s Art Deco building, Aiden Darling Harbour offers 88 compact rooms which have been designed with the latest health technologies off the back of the pandemic including MERV-13 air-conditioning filtration in each room and continuous 24/7 hydroxyl supply and dispersion throughout the building’s ventilation system.

The hotel will also have antimicrobial films over all lift buttons and door handles, hand wipes and sanitisers throughout the hotel and contactless technology with digital mobile room keys.

“The launch of a new brand in market by BWH Hotel Group presents the opportunity for developers and hoteliers alike to reposition their property in a unique way, taking advantage of our cost-saving initiatives and our effective design and renovation programs,” said Graham Perry, managing director of BWH Hotel Group for Australasia.

The hotel will also feature Wayfarer’s Bar & Café and e-bikes for exploring the neighbourhood.