Business events with benefits on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has launched its latest campaign ‘Business Events With Benefits’ which puts together a plethora of venues and products that all have offers hard to refuse.

Wildlife, nightlife, upmarket, street market, barefeet, dancing feet, sporting excellence, total indulgence, beach breakfasts and hinterland sundowners – the Gold Coast has it all. It’s probably the most multi-faceted events destination in the nation and that’s not by chance.

The Gold Coast has been setting PBs (personal bests) for years in the visitor economy sector, hosting 44 per cent of all meetings in Queensland and attracting 14 per cent more delegates than anywhere else in Queensland.

How do they do it? Collaboration. They all work together on the Gold Coast to deliver passion, creativity and inspiration.

“Being a tight knit business and hospitality community, the Gold Coast takes a collaborative approach and fully supports and embraces the success of all businesses,” says Kristie Powell, general manager – sales & events at Mantra at Sharks & Events Centre.

“The recent announcement of the Major Events Gold Coast committee is a testament to the destination’s collaborative approach and through the City Council leading the way to continue to the grow of Gold Coast as a premier events destination.”

A one stop shop for venues, experiences, opportunities, accommodation, entertainment, lighting and themeing – altogether it’s what makes Gold Coast events so successful.

“One of the things that really sets the Gold Coast apart from its competitors is our people, with a local industry of creative and passionate professionals who work in close collaboration to ensure our business events are seamlessly delivered,” says Caroline Duveau-Clayton, head of conferences & events at Village Roadshow Theme Parks.

Lilian Tawadras, event manager at the Australian Private Hospitals Association, got a taste of the Gold Coast earlier this year at the Business Exchange and summed it up perfectly.

“I think it offers a destination that is really relaxed, so delegates can come here, have a really great time, but also get what they need out of their conferencing,” she says.

Having a great time and getting what you need out of a conference is what the Gold Coast does best. And it can do it to any scale from Amway big to intimate get togethers.

Fifteen hatted restaurants and an ever-growing list of cool cafes, bars and street markets, the Gold Coast is a foodie lover’s mecca with an expanding list of unique event spaces.

With 42,000 beds available on The Gold Coast, there is every type of accommodation option available for all budgets.

Get around in a Kombi, a stretch Hummer or the G:Link tram. It’s all delegate ready.