Sweet win for MCEC pastry chef

MCEC executive pastry chef Alessandro Bartesaghi tasted victory at the Global Pastry Chef Challenge for Asia Pacific.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) executive pastry chef Alessandro Bartesaghi has triumphed at the Global Pastry Chef Challenge with a winning dessert recipe inspired by a popular Asian whisky and mandarin cocktail.

Bartesaghi was nominated by the Australian Culinary Federation to represent Australia in the Asia-Pacific round of the Global Pastry Chef Challenge, which took place in New Zealand yesterday.

Competitors had three hours to prepare and serve four plated desserts and one cake.

“You have to come up with your own strategy to make it all happen in three hours,” Bartesaghi said.

“You’re quite limited in what you can do, but you need to show your skills and that you know how to prepare a cake that is modern, tasty, and looks impressive, all within the time frame.”

Bartesaghi’s dessert featured earl grey, chocolate, mandarin and whisky from Starward, a Melbourne distillery that utilises local ingredients and matures their whisky in tawny barrels, bringing out a unique flavour.

“I’m so honoured to receive this award, thank you to the judges for their recognition and thank you to MCEC for supporting me to achieve this,” he said.

“I hope to continue pushing the boundaries of flavour and creating unique culinary experiences for visitors at MCEC.”

Bartesaghi will now go head-to-head with global champions in Singapore next year.