Sunshine Coast Convention Centre boasts Australia’s largest installed LED screen

The newly opened Sunshine Coast Convention Centre is reaping the benefits of partnering with in-house audio-visual provider AVPartners who were involved throughout the planning and build of the $10 million purpose-built centre.

As AVPartners were involved with the architects and builders during the design and development of the convention centre, installed audiovisual technology is seamlessly integrated into the venue.

“Being involved from the very beginning allowed us to put forward design ideas to provide a safer, faster, cleaner and future-proof product,” said Andrew Delangen, North-East Queensland regional partner for AVPartners.

“This provides the client with flawless event execution, and means no matter where guests are positioned in a room, they will experience the clearest sound and unforgettable visuals, whether it is an event for 20 people or a thousand.”

The highlight of of the AV tech at the centre is a 24m-wide stage-to-ceiling LED screen. The LED screen is the largest installed screen in Australia and is suspended on a custom track allowing it to be separated into multiple configurations. This technology caters for the traditional 16:9 content right through to the ultra-wide 24m screen, with tailored media bringing endless concepts for branding and event experiences to life. When in its full size, the screen boasts an 8K resolution width.

“The sheer scale of the screen and the incredible colour replication means client content is delivered exactly as envisioned with phenomenal success,” AVPartners’ partner Ritchie Harland said. “We’re excited to be working with this state-of-the-art technology and creating unforgettable events for our clients.”