South Australia powers up for clean energy conference in 2020

The Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition (AES 2020) will be held in Adelaide next May, bringing together local and global energy-storage innovators.

Next year will mark the 7th anniversary of the annual event which has continued to expand and attract leading energy innovators from around the world.  The 2019 event in Sydney drew visitors from New Zealand, Asia, the Pacific, North America and Europe and the momentum is expected to continue given South Australia’s leading position in renewable energy.

In announcing the event’s return to Adelaide which also hosted the 2018 conference, AES 2020 organisers, Sydney-based Exhibitions and Trade Fairs, identified the South Australia as an energy ‘hotspot’, for both clean energy and energy storage.

“We are looking forward to returning the event to South Australia where delegates may experience first-hand, the way by which the state has become a world leader in modernising energy systems through clean and efficient technologies to create and develop energy generation and storage,” said Albert Kruger, event director with Exhibitions and Trade Fairs.

“AES 2020 is proud to once again partner with the state of South Australia, Adelaide Convention Bureau, and Adelaide Convention Centre to deliver an electrifying conference and exhibition in Australia’s heart of clean energy.”

The Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition 2020 will be held at Adelaide Convention Centre and is expected to attract 1200 attendees.

“The event is strongly aligned to the State’s widely recognised world-class innovation toward clean energy and storage,” said Damien Kitto, CEO Adelaide Convention Bureau.

“We welcome the chance to showcase our achievements and more importantly, provide local industry with the priceless opportunities hosting these business events affords the state by way of their legacies including knowledge exchange, investment, research and development, partnerships and future employment.”

Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan said the decision to hold the conference in Adelaide bolsters South Australia’s reputation as a national and international leader in the changing energy landscape.

“Energy storage is a critical component of our government’s overall plan to shift the state’s energy mix towards renewables and bringing all of these experts here will ensure there is constructive discussion and collaboration on the future direction of our energy endeavours,” he said.