South Australia launches COVID-safe plan for business events

Adelaide Convention Bureau chief executive Damien Kitto is confident of a strong year ahead for business events.

A COVID economic recovery end-to-end marketing campaign has been developed by key players in the South Australian business events sector.

The panel of convened by the Adelaide Convention Bureau (ACB) included Mark Young (Adelaide Airport); Ian Horne (Australian Hotels Association); Rupert Hallam (Hilton Adelaide); Sarah Goldfinch (Crowne Plaza Adelaide); Llewellyn Wyeth (Pullman Adelaide); Simon Burgess (Adelaide Convention Centre); John Rothwell (Adelaide Showground); Adam Vonthehoff (Adelaide Oval); Anne-Marie Quinn (All Occasions Group); and Michael Siebert (Adelaide Expo Hire).

ACB CEO Damien Kitto says the aim is to promote Adelaide and SA’s health and safety standards and procedures as COVID restrictions are lifted.

“Such a strategy should ensure our intra and interstate business guests can feel confident to travel here to join us, and to stay, and work with us,” he said.

“Only in SA can such a team of like-minded, economically committed CEs be formed – each with a strong determination to work willingly with each other to signal to the State and its guests that they come first and, because of that, there must be a true, non-competitive team COVID-SECURE end to end approach, like in no other jurisdiction in the nation.”