SongDivision combines music with neuroscience for new leadership program

SongDivision founder Andy Sharpe.

SongDivision has launched a new program that combines the science of music with cutting-edge thinking to inspire teams to bond and elevate leadership capabilities.

A collaboration between SongDivision and Synaptic Potential, Leadership Track is a six-part program led by learning and development specialists and world-class musicians that lets participants deep dive into a series of conversations, then work together to capture key takeaways in song lyrics.

Andy Sharpe, founder and CEO of SongDivision, said the program amalgamated the power of music with neuroscience-based techniques developed by Synaptic Potential.

“The pandemic has redefined the necessary skills of a ‘great’ leader,” he said.

“The needs of employees have changed and hybrid working models are now the norm which impacts how team members bond, build trust, and develop relationships.

“Leadership Track is specifically designed for the challenges teams are facing today. It is easy to engage with, doesn’t require weeks of planning, and it evokes a richer understanding of workplace relationships and teamwork.

“The combination is like nothing you’ve seen before.”