Save Victorian Events Simon Thewlis on why he is ‘optimistic’ about live events

Event veteran Simon Thewlis, director of Event Pty Ltd.

After a very challenging two years, Save Victorian Events spokesperson Simon Thewlis has released a video to outline why he is still “very optimistic” about the events industry.

“I’ve always remained very optimistic about the future of live events,” he said.

“In part it is because I love live events and my industry. But it is also because I passionately believe in the power of events and what they can do – especially today.”

But Thewlis warned against complacency, saying there were still risks associated with holding a live event

“Live events often won’t be considered the easiest option,” he said.

“So we all need to work really hard to show that live events are the best option in terms of the benefits they deliver. And, that they can be done safely and successfully.”