Scientific conference collaboration raises $5k for Lorne firefighters

Scientists gathered outside Erskine house in 1980 at one of the early Protein Structure conferences.

In February this year, five scientific conferences known collectively as “The Lorne Meetings” were again held in Lorne at the Cumberland Lorne Resort.

Traditionally the volunteer committees have been most concerned with the impact of summer bushfires in the area rather than pandemics.

With Australia battling a devastating bushfire season of 2020, meeting organiser ASN Events introduced a fundraising initiative whereby each of the five Lorne conferences, the venue and ASN Events would match a dollar for every delegate to be donated to the local Lorne CFA.

Together they successfully raised $5516 which has been passed to Lorne CFA brigade captain Lee Hollmer.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community volunteer resources such as the Lorne CFA” said ASN Events CEO Tim Hancock.

Hollmer said welcomed the support saying it was “fantastic for our local volunteer fire brigade”.

“The donation will help our brigade to stay fire ready for the town and surrounds, giving us the opportunity to purchase much needed equipment to assist us in the future,” said Hollmer.

“The conference attendees also contribute to the local businesses, supporting them during the conference which did not go unnoticed by the community and we are all very grateful for the support to Lorne.”