Sarawak looks ahead with 109 events secured in 2021

Sarawak secured a total of 109 business events in 2021 which are expected to attract at least 43,471 delegates over a total of 160,142 delegate days.

However, Business Events Sarawak’s latest performance report showed 34 events pivoted to virtual which cost Sarawak over 12,000 delegates attending in person.

Back in March 2021, BESarawak launched its incentivised packages to support the sector’s recovery efforts and provide financial and in-kind support to planners.

Sarawak recently entered phase four of Malaysia’s National Recovery Plan, forecasting a positive restart for business events and a better outlook for the sector as a whole.

“The incentives and comprehensive support offered are integral to the sector’s rehabilitation,” said BESarawak CEO Amelia Roziman.

“Most importantly, these offers are appealing to planners and catering to today’s event needs. Beyond incentives, our team continues to provide pre and post event support to ensure the best possible client experience that reflects Sarawak’s hospitality.”