SAE Creative Media Institute develops virtual events platform for prospective students

SAE Creative Media Institute has launched a new virtual events platform for prospective students and parents for its Creative Futures event.

SAE director of marketing Belinda McCubbin said there was an intrinsic need for a bespoke offering, following the ramifications of Covid-19.

“Early on in the pandemic we could see virtual event fatigue setting in, not only within our own teams, but amongst prospective students and their lack of desire to sit in yet another virtual event,” McCubbin said.

“In the absence of on-campus activity, we needed a solution and unfortunately none of the ‘off the shelf’ options suited our demographic. We needed something that felt fun, engaging, visual and different.”

SAE partnered with Melbourne-based video and animation events company Big & Small Productions to deliver SAE’s Virtual Creative Futures event.

Matt Hendley, managing director at Big & Small Productions, said the virtual platform allowed for a greater degree of creativity.

“We had a much greater opportunity with SAE for a higher level of customisation, especially with the stands we created,” he said.

“For example, we were able to flesh out what the ideal exhibit stand was for a course like film. In many cases we were able to create an isometric design that was visually superior to what you may see in person,”

Hendley also believed this style of hybrid event would probably be a permanent shift.

“I think we’re looking at a hybrid style of event, where you might have an in-person event, with an additional online component to it,” he said.

“This then gives an opportunity for attendees who can’t make it on the day to register for the online event.

“Likewise, if somebody doesn’t pick up a showbag on the day or doesn’t engage with the right course, they then have the opportunity to go online and get access to all the information they may have missed at the physical event. Moving forward, I think they’ll both work simultaneously as one.”