SA tourism figures set new record as visitors spend $7.6 billion

South Australia’s tourism sector has hit a new record, with visitors spending an all-time-high of $7.6 billion over the past year.

Statistics from the latest International and National Visitor Survey results show the total growth in visitor expenditure is up 12 per cent from last year.

Regional visitor expenditure (including international) also increased 19 per cent to a record high $3.3 billion, which is almost half (44 per cent) of the overall visitor expenditure in the state.

“While it is great for South Australia across the board, it is particularly pleasing for the regional tourism operators, who are getting good results from their hard work and realising strong growth,” said Acting Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Tim Whetstone.

“It’s great news, giving businesses throughout SA a real boost as we head into the back end of the year and into the summer months.”

International visitors increased by 1 per cent, yet the overall expenditure was down 5 per cent as people took shorter trips.

China led international growth again with a record high visitation of 66,500, up 19 per cent.

Japanese also registered a 6 per cent uptick, with with nights up 143 per cent and expenditure up 78 per cent.

South Australian Tourism Commission chief executive Rodney Harrex said they were determined to build a strong and competitive sector.

“We have great partnerships with the dedicated operators across SA, who are all working towards the same goal,” he said.