Royal ICC unveils 2022 menu with 300 dishes on offer

The Royal International Convention Centre’s (Royal ICC) has unveiled it 2022 menu which celebrates its connection to Australian farmers, featuring produce from both award-winners and boutique local operators.

The Convention Centre’s 2022 Beverage menu also supports local, featuring independent winemakers such as Robert Channon Wines and Symphony Hill Wines and for the first time, a Brisbane-based craft brewery, the Newstead Brewing Company. Debuting in the Royal ICC’s 2022 compendium is the Newstead Draughty which raises money for the agriculture-related Droughtmasters Association of Queensland.

“Our commitment to the RNA’s charter of supporting agriculture is a true point of difference for the Royal ICC,” said Royal ICC executive chef Sean Cummings.

“The Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show award-winners provide the Royal ICC with a high-quality array of products to showcase. But our team hasn’t stopped there, we have also sought to embrace other world class local products – products which are enjoying commercial success overseas.

“Here at the Royal ICC we have a fluid approach to menu selections so we can celebrate fruit and vegetables when they are in season and in plentiful supply.

“We strive to understand how to bring out the best in the chosen ingredients, to let them shine.”