Rod Pilbeam to take new role at ASM Global

asm global
Rod Pilbeam is taking on a part time role as he steps away as COO.

ASM Global has announced that Rod Pilbeam, one of the founders of the business now operating as ASM Global (APAC), will step back as COO to a part-time role from July.

Pilbeam and Harvey Lister first went into business together in the mid-1970s presenting concert tours around Queensland and NSW, and took on their first formal venue operation at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Brisbane in 1982.

Forty years later, the company today employs some 20,000 people in 40 venues across the Middle East, East Asia, Australia and New Zealand as part of the 350-plus venue network of ASM Global.

“I am gratified to have had the opportunity to be part of the development of a strong entertainment business that provides a lot of pleasure for many people in the communities we serve, as well as the business outcomes that are so important for venue owners, artists, performers, players, presentation professionals and the myriad of others who make this business work,” said Pilbeam.

“At ASM Global, we have teams of the best professionals in our industry focused on delivering successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

“I have also had the opportunity to make great contacts around the world who have provided extraordinary assistance and often enduring friendships throughout my career. My wife Judy and I are keen to rekindle some of these relationships now that Covid has eased.”

Lister said Pilbeam’s contribution to the growth of the business was immeasurable.

“Rod is simply a giant of our industry with achievements too many to mention but, above all, he is a great friend and mentor to all who have worked with him,” said Lister.

“We have enjoyed a great business partnership where we shared the same business morals, stuck to what we believed were the right things to do and our thoughts were so aligned that Rod and I can still finish each other’s sentences – even after nearly half a century in one of the most challenging sectors of the events industry.

“Rod will continue to be my great friend and we are so fortunate that, in stepping back from those 80+ hour working weeks, Rod has agreed to transition to be our group director of venue and event innovation – two of his enduring passions, maintaining his presence in the APAC Regional Headquarters in Brisbane.”