Ramping up your events business in 2022


Events have been long dormant over the pandemic – but now is the time to shine and get people gathered together again, especially as international visitors flock back to our shores. There is an optimism now that the economy is coming back online, which means a flow-on effect to so many other industries and jobs.

Though you may have put your events business on hold over 2020 and 2021, how can you ramp up your events business to thrive in 2022? Here are some ideas and insights to help you get back on track.

Using government training and seminars

As someone in events, you can leverage events to help your business. Working on the business is as important as working in the business, and government-run seminars can help you strike a good balance of both. A lot has happened in the last two years when it comes to business – especially when it comes to business functions and event management.

To help you transition to the new way of doing business, you can find mentoring seminars, cashflow management tutorials, marketing basics, and other useful events. Click here to see the list of upcoming business-oriented events.

Re-starting growth with finance

You should look into loan types for small business. Loans can help businesses develop by allowing them to acquire merchandise, free up cash, pay for venue or talent deposits, hire equipment for specialised contracts, and other bits and pieces. Unsecured company financing may frequently be accessible in a day, or even a few hours.

Unsecured business loans can be utilised for any type of company purpose and don’t require collateral. The majority of unsecured business loans let you pay off the principal early, which is useful if your company is looking to put on more events more often, which is the goal!

Loans can also be used to purchase streaming equipment – so you can provide a hybrid model of online and “in real life” events instead of having to outsource A/V equipment each time, adding to your costs. This can make your business even more competitive.

Refinancing outstanding loans

If you have outstanding loans that haven’t been looked at in a while, now is the time to refinance. Though interest rates are rising, you need to lock in (still!) record lows while you still can. Inflation will bite even harder if you are paying even more in interest than you need to.

Taking advantage of government grants

Though the Federal Government’s ‘Restarting Australia’s Business Events Sector’ program has come to an end, there are still an abundance of State and Federal grants you can apply for to get funding for new events. There is funding for event organisers in the ACT, and guarantees of funding for Tasmanian arts organisations and festival organisations between $10,000 and $100,000. The grants could come in the form of advice, loans, funding, tax rebates, subsidies, or sponsorships. Click here for all the grants on offer – note that these will be subject to change as time goes on.

There are many ways to get your events business going – here’s to a bright future!