QT Gold Coast launches new qtQT Cabins

qt gold coast

QT Gold Coast has launched a new open-air accommodation and event option with six cabins in an outdoor tropical setting.

The six qtQT Cabins each feature a private balcony, set within a tropical oasis, which can be booked individually or as a group.

EVT CEO Jane Hastings said the new cabins were part of their strategy to commercialise under-utilised spaces.

“When designing the overall QT Gold Coast upgrade, we identified a previously un-used lower-level rooftop,” she said.

“We had been exploring the world of tiny accommodation and standing there as the sun set, we knew this would be the perfect location to trial our interpretation of this experience, the QT way.

“The cabins are low-key coastal cool, designed for the modern traveller, exclusive group stays or an innovative event option.”

qt gold coast

Callum Kennedy, group general manager of QT Hotels & Resorts, said the new cabins offered guests a place “to simply be”.

“Whether it’s an unplugged solo escape or couples getaway with guests still accessing all of the designer comforts and culinary creations of QT Gold Coast,” Kennedy said.

“At the core of QT’s success is our people strategy and we create unique roles to be able to deliver the recognised QT experience.

“Our Directors of Chaos have always made an impact, for this experience we have created the ‘Curator of Sunshine’ role to collaborate with the best local partners to truly personalise each experience.”

“This new space can also be booked exclusively for groups. We have created lush landscapes for weddings full of wonder, to off-beat corporate retreats.”