Qantas to introduce free wi-fi on international flights


Qantas will introduce free wi-fi on board some of its international routes by the end of the year, with flights to Asia the first to offer the new service.

After Asia, Qantas will extend the wi-fi capability for those travelling to New Zealand. Services to North, Central and South America will follow, with flights to Europe gaining access in the second half of 2026.

The move follows a partnership between Qantas and Californian-based global communications company Viasat.

Speaking to The Australian, Qantas executive manager for product and service Phil Capps said accessing wi-fi has become a customer expectation.

“We’ve seen wi-fi for our customers on domestic flights just being part of the every day, so it’s a fundamental expectation that it will be there and that they will use it in all sorts of diverse ways,” he said.

“We’ve set a really strong benchmark with our domestic wi-fi offering. We didn’t want to go out strong with international wi-fi until we were comfortable that we could meet a comparable benchmark.”