Push for parliamentary inquiry into Commonwealth Games cancellation

Premier Daniel Andrews announced the shock decision to cancel the state's hosting of the 2026 Comm Games.

The Victorian Liberals and Nationals have moved to establish a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Andrews Government’s decision to cancel the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

The two parties want to set up a nine member select committee to inquire into the bid’s initial procurement processes and the impacts of the contract termination of the Commonwealth Games on Victoria’s reputation, business community, tourism and major events.

“The Andrews Government’s Commonwealth Games scandal has humiliated Victoria on the international stage and will leave taxpayers with a more than $1 billion compensation bill. Victorians deserve to know how this situation occurred and who is responsible,” said John Pesutto, Leader of the Opposition.

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Georgie Crozier, said the inquiry would be in the interests of all Victorians.

“The Liberals and Nationals’ inquiry will get the answers the Andrews Government refuses to give, including who is responsible, what it will cost and how it all went so wrong,” said Crozier.

Greens leader Samantha Ratnam said her party was still undecided as to whether to support the push for an inquiry.

“We consider these decisions very, very carefully,” she said.

Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan told Parliament that the government would give a full update after compensation negotiations with games officials had been completed.

“We have been very clear, there are negotiations under way, we’ll let those negotiations run…there will be a full update to the Victorian community once those negotiations have concluded,” she said.