Powderfinger bandmates call out Qld’s ‘double standard’ on sports events vs live music

Powderfinger bandmates Bernard Fanning and John Collins are leading a petition calling on Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to treat live music the same way the state treats major sporting events.

The Play Fair petition is calling for an end to the “unfair double standard” restricting live music but not sport and wants to see restrictions on live music venues lifted in the same way they have been at Suncorp Stadium and The Gabba.

“While strict rules have been relaxed for Suncorp Stadium to host State of Origin with 50,000 people packed in, music venues are still only allowed to operate at a reduced capacity with heavy social distancing restrictions,” the petition stated.

“Venues can’t even break-even, let alone pay artists and other staff.

“Due to this unfair double-standard, thousands of people are out of work including band members, bar staff, roadies, lighting specialists, soundies and more. At this rate QLD’s live music scene will shut down in 2021, killing an incredibly strong part of the Australian music scene and the birthplace for many acclaimed artists.”

Fanning took to social media to lend his voice to the campaign.

“There seems to be no equivalence between the way sport and the live music industry is treated, live entertainment in general,” he wrote.

“Queensland’s Live Music Venues are barely hanging on under tough Covid restrictions. Please sign our petition now for the Government to end social distancing double-standards.

“Venues are not back to 100%. We’re currently at 30% as are most QLD venues. Our industry is asking the State Government to PLAY FAIR.”