Poor weather behind Vivid drone show’s last-minute cancellation


Vivid Sydney cancelled its final drone show just 20 minutes before the start time due to bad weather.

The Love Is In The Air drone show was due to kick off at 9:10pm but organisers only informed the public on X that it had been cancelled at 8:52pm.

“Unfortunately, due to forecasted weather conditions, the Vivid Sydney drone will not proceed this evening,” the organisers said in an online statement.

“The show will not be rescheduled, as tonight marks the conclusion of Vivid Sydney 2024. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.”

NSW Premier Chris Minns said he understood the public’s frustration but the drone operators had the final call.

“The decision was made by the drone operator and it was completely weather dependent,” Minns said.

“They made the call as late as possible not to inconvenience families but to see whether they could actually go ahead with the program in any even. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible.”

Vic Lorusso, from the drone operator Australian Traffic Network, said they had been monitoring the weather all day.

“What actually we did see was a significant weather cell approaching and it really was expected to coincide with the flight take-off time,” he told Radio Sydney.

“Our drones, while they are water-resistant, they’re not waterproof. And the risk of launching them in such conditions is far too great. It could lead to unexpected drone malfunctions or collisions posing a significant safety hazard to the audience.”

It was a disappointing end for the drone show that saw greater than expected crowds for its first night trigger warnings of a crowd crush.