Pitch to restart Canberra’s tourism and hospitality sectors

A group of leaders in the tourism and hospitality space have pitched a set of conditions under which the sectors could begin operating again to the ACT government.

The Canberra Region Tourism Leaders Forum has outlined in writing a number of measures which could allow the easing of Covid-19 restrictions for bars, restaurants, clubs and tourist attractions.

Among the safety measures are temperature tests for every person entering a venue and time restrictions. Food buffets would be banned, while venues would have to remove all interior bar stools and furniture.

The forum’s chairman, Dr David Marshall, said the measures were “very feasible and highly recommended”.

“Our rates of (COVID-19) infection are very low and can remain so with the sensible introduction of the ideas above,” Dr Marshall stated in a letter to Chief Minister Andrew Barr.

“These ideas will not only allow these venues to generate urgently needed cash flow but greatly assist families and others suffering from the isolation imposed over recent weeks, and those with mental health issues to reconnect with nature and the environment generally.”

Speaking to The Canberra Times, Dr Marshall said the industry “has given this a lot of thought”.

“We are just trying to be proactive, rather than expecting the government to do all of the hard yakka,” he said.

“The industry is very keen to be part of the solution.”