Perth council to use budget surplus to lure WA Day festival back to CBD

The City of Perth is dipping into its budget surplus to lure the WA Day festival from Burswood back into the CBD.

The council has approved a $150,000 sponsorship grant as part of the efforts to secure the festival, but organisers Celebrate WA say it is still short of the $500,000 needed to relocate the $2.6 million event.

“The costs of operating in the city are higher [than Burswood] due to traffic management and other requirements that are of course commensurate with an event of this size and this complexity,” Board member Fiona Kalaf told the special council meeting.

The June event has previously been held at Elizabeth Quay but did not receive local government funding at that time.

Celebrate WA chair Michael Anghie said they would confirm details about the event “in the near future”.