Paris tops global cities for international trade fairs


Paris has been named the best city for international consumer and trade fairs based on its accommodation, international connectivity and visitor experience offerings.

Holiday rental portal Holidu analysed and compared the top 50 global cities from multiple perspectives including their reputation and historic prominence for hosting tier one events such as world fairs, sporting events and trade conferences as well as those who have the venues and accommodation infrastructure for the safe catering of large numbers of visitors.

The final result is an index composed of all past events and relevant factors ranking cities worldwide based on their suitability and attractiveness for successful events.

Frankfurt came runner up, with Shanghai, Dubai and Las Vegas rounding the top five. Only two Australian cities made the cut with Melbourne coming 28th and Sydney 42nd.

“The event industry was heavily disrupted by the COVID pandemic, yet it has shown resilience as events are showing attendance above pre-pandemic worldwide,” said Sarah Siddle, PR manager at Holidu.

“Events are a way industries and topics gather strength and cities cement a position among them.

“Every year the event industry accounts for more than 28% of travel economic output worldwide.  We decided to undertake this study to measure using available data the strength of the cities with the highest capacity and ability to run all types of events.”