Paris Mayor u-turn on Russian boycott at 2024 Olympic Games

Paris Mayor
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo: Photo: Nikki Ritcher Photography

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has thrown her support behind a growing call to ban Russia and Belarus from the 2024 Olympic Games in an abrupt u-turn.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is looking for a way to allow some athletes from Russia and Belarus to compete under a neutral flag, a move previously backed by Hidalgo.

But the Mayor has changed her position saying there should be no way for athletes from those two countries compete while the war in Ukraine continues.

“It is not possible to parade as if nothing had happened, to have a delegation that comes to Paris while the bombs continue to rain down on Ukraine,” she said.

Poland, the Baltic nations and Denmark are the countries so far pushing back at the IOC’s suggested loopholes that would allow athletes from Russia and Belarus to compete under a “neutral flag” or as “refugees”.