Palaszczuk calls on Federal Government to back 2032 Olympics bid

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is looking for “a whole range of guarantees” from the Federal Government as it looks to shore up its position as the “preferred” host of the 2032 Olympic Games.

The state wants the Commonwealth to finalise guarantees to progress its bid for the Games after being given front runner status by the International Olympic Committee earlier in the year.

“We need a whole range of guarantees,” Palaszczuk told The Brisbane Times.

“As you can appreciate, we’re doing months if not years of work in a very short timeframe to meet the deadlines that the IOC has set us.

“I’ve already had a discussion with the Prime Minister, we’ll be talking extensively about that over the coming weeks, because we have very strict timelines that we have to meet.”

Both the Cabinet and Brisbane City Council have given their tick of approval for the bid which is centred on Brisbane as the host city.