Organisers pledge Tamworth Country Music Festival will go ahead in 2022

Tamworth Country Music Festival will go ahead early next year regardless of any restrictions in place.

This year’s event set for October was cancelled, but the organisers are adamant next year’s 50th anniversary festival will happen “regardless of restrictions that may still be in place”.

Festival manager Barry Harley said they were “excited to celebrate the return of the festival”.

“There’s no denying that it’s been a challenging couple of years for the industry,” he said.

“But we have been reassured and inspired by the release of the NSW Government’s Reopening Roadmap, and we want the industry, artists, promoters, visitors, everyone to know that the Tamworth Country Music Festival is on and we’re ready to celebrate.”

A total of 111 artists will perform across the 10-day festival which will include a headline concert at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment Conference Centre on January 19 celebrating the festival’s evolution from its “modest beginnings” in 1972.