Organisers ‘disappointed’ as Ballarat Show cancelled

The Ballarat Show has been cancelled for a second year in a row with organisers blaming the continuing uncertainty around Covid and the ongoing restrictions.

The Ballarat Agricultural and Pastoral Society said the decision was based on public safety despite the financial costs involved at cancelling at this stage.

“We want to keep the public safe and I know they’re going to be disappointed, but let’s look forward to 2022 and everything we’ll be able to do then that we can’t do this year,” executive officer Elizabeth van Beek told the ABC.

“A lot of work goes into this by the staff, by the committee; a lot of work has to start being paid out for entertainment and other things.”

While the November show couldn’t proceed as planned some competitions will go online.

“We can obviously gather animals together and have a judge come in and look at those animals, so the farmers are getting their ribbons and prizes from that,” said van Beek.

“People who have cattle and sheep are preparing their animals for months.

“If we’re going out to them saying we are going to do this, their work is not in vain and they still have an opportunity to win a ribbon.”

Mayor Daniel Moloney said the second cancellation in row was “a blow”.

“We are becoming a bit too used to seeing some major events that are important to us cancelled for a second year in a row,” he told the ABC

“It’s those events we are losing a second time round that are going to be particularly hard hit financially.”